Student Accommodation

Finding Accommodation

You will be able to find high quality and safe accommodation in Melbourne and regional Victoria depending on what suits you best. We highly recommend that you organise your accommodation before arriving in Australia. Since student accommodation is very sought after you should start planning and looking for accommodation that suits your budget and needs as soon as you have a confirmation of the location where you will be studying.

The following types of accommodation are available for international students.

Home Stay

This option is an opportunity for students to live in a private home, with a local family, couple or single person and learn about Australian life. You may need to compromise with living arrangements as you will need to fit in with the household’s routines and expectations. You will need to think about the things that are important to you. You may need to ask about how adaptable meal times are in relation to your studies and other commitments. You may also want to consider how the other people will feel about your friends visiting, your music and the hours that you keep. There are different types of home stay arrangements:
Cost: ~ $220.00 - $335.00 per week
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Full Board

Usually includes a furnished room (bed, desk, lamp, and wardrobe), three meals per day and bills (electricity, gas and water, but not telephone and internet). Some home stay providers may even do your laundry.
Cost: ~ $325 - $335 per week

Half Board

Usually includes a furnished room (bed, desk, lamp, and wardrobe) and bills (electricity, gas and water, but not telephone and internet). You can use the cooking and laundry facilities in the house.
Cost: ~ $280.00 - $315 per week


Renting an apartment or house is done through a real estate agent. You must sign a contract called a “lease” to rent the house, either month-by-month, or sometimes a 6-month, 12-month or 2-year lease is required. The lease entitles you to private use of the property for the duration of the lease. The advantage of this is privacy and independence.

You must pay a bond (the equivalent of one month’s rent, to cover any damage you may do to the premises). You are responsible for paying all bills (except water and council rates), maintenance of the property and providing all your own furniture and household items.

If you choose a house or apartment in a popular area, there will be much competition. The real estate agent selects the tenants who they believe are the most stable and able to meet the requirements of the lease.
Cost (shared accommodation): ~ $200 – $500 (unfurnished)

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